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Clinical Trials Specialist

Quality of Life Medical & Research Center

Medical Center & Aesthetics located in Tucson, AZ

Quality of Life Medical & Research Center in Tucson, Arizona, features a research division that focuses on investigating cutting-edge devices and pharmaceutical treatments. Under the guidance of founder John McGettigan, MD, the clinical trials look at diverse issues such as pain management, libido, and chronic conditions. To learn more about the research center and how you can be involved in clinical trials, call the center or book using this website.

Clinical Trials Q & A

What are the features of the research center?

The research division at Quality of Life Medical & Research Center features temperature-controlled, 24-hour-monitored locked storage facilities. These contain freezers, cold centrifuges, regular centrifuges, and stadiometers to conduct experiments. The staff uses this equipment to keep medications and samples of blood or other compounds safe.

The facility also has 16 exam rooms and dedicated monitoring rooms. There’s an onsite long-term records storage and overnight sleeping facilities, which are used for around-the-clock blood draws.

There are study coordinators and a dedicated patient recruiter. Additional staff includes Principal Investigators, Sub-Investigators, and contracting and regulatory teams.

What types of clinical studies are conducted?

Completed clinical studies include studies about:

  • The flu
  • Pre-menstrual migraines
  • HPV and Pap tests
  • Post-traumatic neuropathic pain
  • Overweight and cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes and hypertension

New clinical trials at Quality of Life Medical & Research Center recruit all the time. Call the office or check on this website for clinical trials that are currently enrolling.

Why conduct clinical trials?

The only way to test new devices and pharmaceutical treatments is to conduct clinical trials. All trials are safe and recruit appropriate volunteers from the community. Quality of Life Medical & Research Center wants to provide you with the latest and most effective therapies, and in-depth clinical studies are the way to get the information necessary to develop ground-breaking, effective, and safe treatments.

What are the different types of clinical trials?

Clinical research involves people. The team at Quality of Life Medical & Research perform both observational studies and clinical trials.

Observational studies look at people in normal settings and compare changes over time. The team collects data through medical exams, tests, and questionnaires.

Clinical trials are conducted primarily onsite. They evaluate a medical intervention to find out if a new drug, diet, or medical device is safe and effective. The team may also test ways to find out if a disease can be detected earlier or prevented. Clinical trials are approved as safe prior to their execution.

For more about the innovative research conducted at Quality of Life Medical & Research Center, call today or book an appointment using this website.