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Hormone Pellet Therapy for Men in Tucson, AZ

Hormone Pellet Therapy for Men in Tucson, AZ
An increasing number of men are concerned about low testosterone. Also called low T, this condition refers to the decline in production of the hormone testosterone. This decline typically begins after age 30 and can cause serious symptoms that decrease quality of life. Thankfully, low testosterone can be treated with hormone pellet therapy. Hormone pellet therapy for men is a safe, effective treatment that rejuvenates the body’s testosterone levels and restores youthful vigor.Hormone pellet therapy is a natural and proven treatment for low testosterone. Low testosterone occurs when the body fails to produce adequate levels of testosterone; this condition is sometimes referred to as “andropause.” Low testosterone is a form of hormonal imbalance, and it causes many symptoms.


How Does Hormone Pellet Therapy for Men Work?

Hormone pellet therapy for men has many advantages when compared with other hormone-delivery methods such as synthetic injections, pills and patches. The benefits of hormone pellet therapy are:

It’s safe: Hormone pellet therapy has been the subject of numerous studies and has been used medically for over 80+ years.
It’s natural: Hormone pellet therapy uses testosterone that is molecularly identical to what the body produces naturally. The testosterone used is also derived solely from natural, plant-based sources.
It’s easy: Unlike other delivery methods, which must be administered daily and leave a lot of room for error, hormone pellets are administered under the skin and only need to be inserted every three to five months.
It’s hassle-free: Other types of hormone therapy are susceptible to a “roller coaster” effect where a rush of testosterone is delivered all at once. Contrarily, hormone pellet therapy delivers testosterone consistently, 24/7.
We provide a type of therapy called BioTE® hormone pellet therapy. Men who receive BioTE® hormone pellet therapy report:

Increased sex drive (libido)
Decreased body fat


"Man to Man Talk" about Male Hormone Replacement Therapy with Gary Donovitz M.D. from BioTE Medical on Vimeo.

Increased lean muscle when exercising
Reduced fatigue and anxiety
Stronger mental focus
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Hormone pellet therapy provides a safe, natural and effective treatment for low testosterone. Are you concerned about low testosterone? Request more information today: Call (520) 495-4856

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