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Benefits of B12 Injections

One of the most common nutrient deficiencies is Vitamin B12. Some symptoms of a B12 deficiency are fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches and weakness, anemia, poor moods, and low concentration. A simple blood test and exam from your primary care physician will determine if you have a B12 deficiency.


Foods high in B12 include grass-fed beef, dairy products, and fish. Some individuals may have a harder time absorbing and utilizing this nutrient due to digestive or genetic conditions. B12 injections or daily oral supplements are good alternatives for these individuals.


The benefits of B12 injections include:


Increased energy

Reduced depression

Improved metabolism

Heart protection

The injection is nearly painless and is usually administrated in the deltoid muscle of your upper arm or in the hip. We recommend weekly injections for optimal results and to experience the full benefits.

Amy Marinoccio

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