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Are You Suffering From Acute or Chronic Pain?

Pain is disruptive, affecting every area of our life. Often when we speak of pain in the medical community it is either described as chronic or acute.

Chronic pain generally results from an injury or accident but can also be the result of a disease process like diabetes or fibromyalgia. It persists over a longer period of time than acute pain and is often resistant to most medical treatments. Chronic pain impacts every area of your life because it impacts your ability to be comfortable and enjoy your work, your family and any recreational activity.

Acute pain generally comes on suddenly, typically as the result of inflammation, disease or injury to the tissues. It may be accompanied by anxiety and emotional distress.

If you are suffering from pain Quality of Life Medical and Research Center specializes in pain management using different modalities to treat/manage the pain. Some options include: medical range of motion therapy, nerve conditioning testing, trigger point injections, neuromodulation or spinal cord stimulation, occupational and behavioral therapy.

Most pain treatments will not take away all of the pain, however treatment should reduce the pain you have and reduce recurrences of it. Talk to one of the practitioners at Quality of Life to learn how to best control your pain.

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Our Pain Clinic Can Help You

Are you suffering from acute and chronic pain? Pain is disruptive, affecting every area of our life. Often when we speak of pain in the medical community it is either described as chronic or acute.

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